To be recognized within the industry as a technologically advanced, constantly evolving and performance oriented organization with a focus on being a high quality, custom millwork business.


To provide a level of service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, maintain the highest level of quality specifications and conform to standards as identified by the Architectural Woodworking Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC).


Fundamental to the success of our Corporation are these basic values:

  1. Customers are the focus of everything we do.  Their needs must be met with the finest products of the highest quality specified.
  2. Our people are the most important elements in our success as they provide the creativity, intelligence and diligence that result in satisfied customers and a profitable growing business.  They ultimately determine our reputation and our success.
  3. Profits are an important measure of our success.  They measure how efficiently we manufacture, distribute and sell our products and services.  Long range profitability will determine the extent to which we can grow and provide essential services to both employees and customers.


To promote quality performance, we believe that how we do business is as important as what we do.  As such, we believe that:

  1. Integrity is never compromised.
  2. Participation and responsibility leads to commitment, respect and creativity.
  3. People should be treated with respect both publicly and privately.
  4. People will act and react to us according to their perception of our performance, attitude, policies and practices.

To continue to prosper and grow as a Corporation, we believe that we must actively change and adapt.  This Corporation must encourage and facilitate its own transformation.  Accordingly we must:

  1. Continue to learn and develop.
  2. Understand that success is the best motivator and innovation is essential.
  3. Provide a climate that encourages calculated risk taking and rewards work efforts.
  4. Incorporate the most current technology in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of our products.
  5. Provide our people with the opportunities needed to grow professionally and personally by providing a positive and respectful work atmosphere.